Double hat


Want letters on your T-shirt?

You can buy them from Fabricland and we can personalize them


Are you golfing this summer?

Custom made equipment or any adjustments you would like!

knee patch

Jeans are ripped, but you still love them?

We can add a CREATIVE patch


graduation shirt

Shirts for any occasion

Please come see us and we can custom make shirts for any occasions including graduations

custom shirt

Custom made men shirts

A sample of what you can be wearing:


New Curtains or fixing the older ones?

We can shorten them so they fit perfectly

Are your leather pants too tight

we can let them out so they fit you perfectly



If you like skinny jeans…

and own a pair that are not… Please visit us and we will gladly modify them(tapper).

tapper_jeans_before    into:  tapper_jeans

It will follow your leg shape and feel conmfortable.


Keep your hands warm

Ever feel that your hands are freezing because wind gets between your jacket and your mitts?

We can a small extension of soft material that will prevent the cold breeze getting in and will keep your hands warmer


Zipper is broken; we can fix it



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Shop The Neighborhood

We are on “Shop the neighborhood”… get 50% off on your next order when you bring in a $20 order.



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Black Friday BOGO

Bring an order of $20 or more and receive 50% off on your next order!!!

half Price
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Is it vacation time?

We made this specially for your relaxing time:


We do hem (shorten) lace

A gorgeous top of lace and … it’s too long

lace_hem_before no problem at Creative Images Alterations lace_hem_after





Don’t like your hood?

Is your hood something that you feel is useless in Calgary since it never rains here!


hood_before     We can convert it to your favorite jacket:      hood_after

Fall or Winter jacket is ripped?

If by accident you have a small (or large) rip in your jacket, we can fix it!!!

winter jacket patch

We modify jerseys Flames/ Stampeders/ Roughnecks

Instead of throwing a good jersey away…


When a player gets traded… why not make it a generic red


that would work the “C” of red




Artistic touch on jeans

You can have a small hole fixed with artistic flare…





or it’s a detail that we can add …because it looks good!



Elastic Waist on Jeans

If your pants or jeans are to tight at waist or if you want to loose the belt…or to extend the curvature in the back



we can add elastic of various colors  in the waist

black_elastic_jeans brown_elastic_jeans grey_elastic_jeans

and you still can wear your belt… but more comfortable


Ripped Jeans Patch

When your purchased ripped jeans don’t look good anymore:



come see us and we will fix them, so they look better than the original: